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Cryptocurrency Mining GPU Selector

June 1, 2020

Cryptocurrency Mining GPU Selector

Maximize your mining profitability. Simply enter your graphics card budget and maximum number of graphics cards and then select "Run." It will show you the type and number of graphics cards that you should use to mine each cryptocurrency with maximum profitability. The cryptocurrencies with a green background are profitable, but the ones with a red background are not and should not be mined with the entered budget and/or number of cards.

Select the coin name or corresponding hash algorithm in the left half of each row to see the profitability details in the Whattomine calculator. And if you want to see a list of video cards of an optimal card type, just select the card name or corresponding number of cards in the right half of each row. It will direct you to the relevant section of our GPU Guide.

The electricity cost can be varied if known. This is an important factor in mining profitability.

The maximum number of video cards (GPUs) can be spread over more than one system or motherboard. For example, if you have two motherboards capable of supporting 6 graphics cards each, then you would enter 12 as your maximum number of graphics cards. This of course assumes that you are willing to operate more than mining rig at the same time.

Results - $ budget - cards max

Select a card type below to see a list of video cards to purchase.

Coin (Symbol)Hash AlgorithmOptimal CardNumber of Cards

Case studies

The information below shows how bad recommendations can hurt you - both in terms of lost profit and upfront cost. Don’t guess or blindly follow advice. Use the Mining GPU Selector!

Example #1
SourceHASHRATES for My 6 x 1080 Ti Mining Rig!
CC MinedCortex (CTXC)
Hash AlgorithmCuckooCycle
Est. Budget$6,000
Est. Max Cards19
Cards Used6 x 1080 Ti
Optimal Cards18 x 2060
Lost Profit ($/year)$6,391
Excess Upfront Cost$60
Total Lost in First Year$6,451
Example #2
SourceYoutube: Best Bang 4 Buck Mining Rig - How To Build 12x Card 1060 ETH GPU Miner
CC MinedEthereum (Ether)
Hash AlgorithmEthash
Est. Budget$4,560
Est. Max Cards13
Cards Used12 x 1060
Optimal Cards13 x 5700
Lost Profit ($/year)$2,042
Excess Upfront Cost$270
Total Lost in First Year$2,312

The above information is based on current street prices of the video cards and profitability data from the Whattomine calculator accessed on June 1, 2020. It will change over time.

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