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Cryptocurrency GPU Mining Rig Guide

Updated April 19, 2020

Cryptocurrency GPU Mining Rig Guide

GPU mining rigs are essentially desktop computer systems. They therefore require computer system components such as video cards, a motherboard, a CPU, memory, a power supply, and various other components. We will discuss each component below along with some relevant considerations.

Graphics cards

The video card is the fundamental component of a GPU mining rig. Multiple cards are often run together to increase the hashrate of the mining rig. Our GPU Guide lists cards, by card type, commonly used for GPU mining rigs. Our Mining GPU Selector can be used to help you decide which cards to use in your GPU mining rig.


Although motherboards are used similarly in GPU mining rigs and conventional computer systems, the selection criteria is a bit different. Features such as the type and number of I/O ports, support for high-end CPUs, and the like are not important for GPU mining rigs. However, the number of graphics cards supported by the motherboard is important. If you are unsure of how many cards you will use in your rig, we suggest you use our Mining GPU Selector and also take into consideration how many cards are supported by your desired operating system.


Mfg and ModelSocketMax Cards
ASUS B250 Mining ExpertLGA 115119
MSI B360-F ProLGA 115118
MSI H310-F ProLGA 115113
ASRock H110 Pro BTC+LGA 115113
Gigabyte GA-B250-FinTechLGA 115112
Biostar TB250-BTC PROLGA 115112
Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5LGA 11517
Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5LGA 11517
Gigabyte GA-H110-D3ALGA 11516
Biostar TB250-BTCLGA 11516
ASRock Z97 EXTREME4LGA 11506
Biostar TB85LGA 11506
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3AM3+6
ASRock Z97 EXTREME6LGA 11506

Compare prices and purchase


Contrary to the mentality of building a conventional computer system, CPUs with low power consumption should be used in GPU mining rigs. As a benefit, these CPUs are relatively inexpensive as they are generally considered to be low-performance or lower-end models. The socket of the processor you select must be compatible with the socket of your motherboard.


Mfg and ModelSocketMemory Type and Speed
Intel BX80662G4400 Pentium G4400LGA 1151DDR4 2133 MHz
Intel BX80662G3900 Celeron G3900LGA 1151DDR4 2133 MHz
Intel BX80662I36100 Core i3-6100LGA 1151DDR4 2133 MHz
Intel BX80646G1840 Celeron G1840LGA 1150DDR3 1333 MHz
Intel BX80646G3260 Pentium G3260LGA 1150DDR3 1333 MHz
AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300AM3+DDR3 1866 MHz
AMD FD4300WMHKBOX FX-4300AM3+DDR3 1866 MHz

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Similar to the selection of a CPU, low power memory should be used. The type and speed of the memory must be supported by your CPU.


Mfg and ModelSizeType and Speed
Crucial CT4G4DFS82134GBDDR4 2133Mhz
Kingston HX421C14FB/4 HyperX Fury4GBDDR4 2133MHz
Kingston HX313C9F/4 HyperX Fury4GBDDR3 1333MHz
Patriot PSD34G13332 Signature4GBDDR3 1333MHz
Kingston HX318C10FB/4 HyperX Fury4GBDDR3 1866MHz

Compare prices and purchase

Power supplies

Depending on the number of graphics cards in your rig, you may have to use more than one power supply. It is common to use a higher wattage PSU (e.g., around 1600 W) in combination with a lower wattage one (e.g., around 1000 W). However, the number and wattage will depend on the number and types of cards used.

An important selection criteria for the PSU is efficiency. We recommend a PSU with at least 90% efficiency which corresponds to the Gold, Platinum, and Titanium efficiency ranges.


Mfg and ModelPower (110 VAC)Efficiency (110 VAC)
EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 TITANIUM1600 W94%
Corsair AX1500i1500 W94%
Rosewill TOKAMAK 15001500 W>94%
EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 PLATINUM1200 W92%
Rosewill PHOTON-12001200 W90-92%
Seasonic PRIME TX-10001000 W94%
Corsair HX1000i1000 W92%

Compare prices and purchase

Hard drive

If you run Windows as the operating system for your mining software, you will need a hard drive. Linux can be run from a USB stick or from a hard drive. A solid state drive (SSD) is a good choice for a GPU mining rig since SSDs consume less power and are more reliable than hard drives utilizing magnetic media such as a hard disk drive (HDD).

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PCIe risers

PCIe (PCI Express) risers allow the graphics cards to be placed away from the motherboard. This offers numerous advantages such as providing better heat dissipation, offering more options for mounting and positioning the graphics cards, allowing more graphics cards to be connected to a single motherboard by alleviating space constraints, etc. Most PCIe risers include two PCIe to USB 3.0 conversion boards connected by a USB 3.0 cable, where one of the boards connects to a PCIe slot on the motherboard and the other includes a PCIe slot to accept the graphics card.

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  • Mailiya PCIe Riser 6-pack

    Mailiya PCIe Riser 6-pack
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PCIe expansion cards

PCIe (PCI Express) expansion cards plug into a PCIe slot on the motherboard and provide multiple USB 3.0 ports. Multiple PCIe risers can be plugged into the USB 3.0 ports, thereby allowing multiple graphics cards to interface with a single PCIe slot on the motherboard. This advantageously expands the number of graphics cards that can be plugged into a motherboard.

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  • Rosewill RC-505 PCIe to USB 3.0 Expansion Card 2-Port

Power switch

Mining rig cases do not usually come with power switches, so make sure to grab some.

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  • Warmstor Power Switch 3-pack

    Warmstor Power Switch 3-pack
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Operating system

The most common OS'es for mining rigs are Windows 10 and Linux. Linux is free, requires fewer resources, and apparently allows more graphics cards to be plugged into a single motherboard. Although Windows 10 is not free, some prefer it and it is required to run certain mining software.

Compare prices and purchase

Energy usage monitor

It is important to know how much energy your mining rig is drawing at the wall. An energy usage monitor provides this information and more.

Compare prices and purchase

  • P3 Int'l P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

    P3 Int'l P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor
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The number of graphics cards in your rig may dictate which case (or more accurately "chassis") you can use. That said, most of the open air cases can be stacked to increase their graphics card capacity.

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  • Kingwin 8 GPU Mining Case

    Kingwin 8 GPU Mining Case
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  • Veddha Professional 6 GPU Miner Case

  • Veddha Professional 8 GPU Miner Case

  • Kyerivs 6 GPU Mining Rig

    Kyerivs 6 GPU Mining Rig
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