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Plug in to Cryptocurrency

CCPlug is your source for everything cryptocurrency. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, we have something for you.

Cryptocurrency 101
Cryptocurrency Basics
Learn what cryptocurrency is and how it is similar to fiat currency that you use on a daily basis. Also learn about some of the core concepts that set cryptocurrencies apart from fiat currencies.
Types of Cryptocurrency
Become familiar with some common and often misused terminology used to describe and group cryptocurrencies. Understand the difference between a "coin" and a "token," a "mineable" cryptocurrency and a "non-mineable" cryptocurrency, and the Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms used for cryptocurrencies. Also learn about some of the more common hash algorithms used by cryptocurrencies.
How to Use Cryptocurrency
Explore various means of obtaining and disposing of cryptocurrency. Also learn about sending and receiving ccryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Learn about the risks involved with wallets and some commmon terminology. Explore different types of wallets and see our recommendation for the best type of cryptocurrency wallet.
How to Make Money With Cryptocurrency
Discover various ways to make money with cryptocurrency.
Taking It To The Next Level
What is the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Mine?
Become familiar with mining calculators and the equations for revenue and profit that every miner must know and use. Discover the simple processes to quickly identify the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine for ASICs and GPUs.
CCPlug's Mining GPU Selector
Quickly and easily determine the optimal GPU mining setup for maximum profitability. We take the guesswork out of configuring GPU mining rigs. Also learn about some popular setups and how much money you stand to lose with them.
GPU Mining Rig Guide
Learn about, select, and purchase all the parts necessary to assemble the best mining rig utilizing one or more graphics cards.
ASIC Mining Rig Guide
Discover the components that make up an ASIC mining rig. Decide which parts should be used to most successfully mine the cryptocurrency of your choice.
Solo Mining Vs. Pool Mining
Explore some considerations to help you decide between mining solo and mining in a pool. Use our handy Solo Vs. Pool Mining Tool to quickly and easily determine which cryptocurrencies are suitable for solo mining and pool mining given your setup.